Interactive Integration Platform For Foreigners Living in the Czech Republic

Integration Platform

IntegrON is a universal guide for any foreigner who wants to move or already lives in the Czech Republic. After moving, migrants, as a rule, have a lot of questions regarding, say, visas or going to the doctor. IntegrON collects and structures all the questions and answers so that every migrant in the Czech Republic can solve any problem himself and know where to turn in case of something bad that we don’t want. But, as they say, warned, then armed. 

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Integration Platform

Stories and Videos

Русскоязычный театр и культура (CZE: Ruskojazyčné divadlo a kultura. ENG: Russian-Speaking Theater and Culture)

Русскоязычный хор и еще культура (CZE: Ruskojazyčný sbor a zas kultura. ENG: Russian-Speaking Chorus and Culture Again)

Пражские интеллектуалы о иностранцах (CZE: Pražští intelektuálové o cizincích. ENG: Prague Intellectuals About Foreigners)

Пльзеньские работяги о иностранцах (CZE: Plzenští dělníci o cizincích. ENG: Workers of Pilsen About Foreigners)

Умные беседы с послом Турции в Праге (CZE: Chytré besedy s velvyslancem Turecka v Praze. ENG: Smart Discussions With Turkish Ambassador in Prague)

Беседа с людьми, которых могут убить в Казахстане (CZE: Pokec s chlapy, které mohli přijit o život v Kazachstánu. ENG: A Talk With Lads Who Could Have Been Killed In Kazakhstan)

Поездка в ливанский лагерь беженцев (CZE: Cesta do uprchlického tábora v Libanonu. ENG: Refugee Camp Tour in Lebanon)

Жизнь в Афганистане: как оставаться человеком в бесконечной войне? (CZE: Život v Afghánistánu: jak zůstat člověkem v nekonečné válce?. ENG: Life in Afghanistan: how to stay human in endless war?)

Выиграйте настоящий ковер Афганистана (CZE: Vyhrajte koberec skutečného Afghánistánu. ENG: Win a Real Afghanistan carpet )

Who We Are

We are a team of five young enthusiasts. Each of us has a different migrant background, different life experiences and adaptation in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we decided to create this project. We want to use our experience and knowledge in order to collect all the information about life in the Czech Republic in one place and make it available to everyone 24/7.

Igor Suvorov


Anastasia Saliakhova


Vladimir Soldatov

Master Cameraman

Liudmila Gasina

Copywriting Guru

Thien Vuong Nguyen

Mr. Networking